Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Card

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mia's Monkey Joe Party

Saturday was Mia's 7th birthday party at Monkey Joe's. Mia is Aiden's oldest cousin, Krystal's daughter. Aiden had a blast on the firetruck and in the little kid bouncy area. He also enjoyed the play area for the bigger kids (with me following behind to make sure he could get up to the high slides-- thank goodness for a short mother!). The party was at 12:30 so there was no nap before, but he fell asleep about 3:00 on the way home and slept until 6:30 which was just great with the time change. Fortunately we had another cousin's party to go to last night so that wore him out a little bit. It was also Zack's 16th birthday this week. Zack is Drew's older brother so Aiden went over and played with Drew and finally went to sleep again around 11-- which was midnight new time! Yay!!! Oh well, hopefully it will only take a few days to get back into a regular routine. Happy Birthday Zack and Mia!

Mia opening presents with Gracie and Mom helping.

Memaw, Aiden, Aunt Linda and Abby

Drew, Aunt Chrissy, Aiden and Memaw
It was hard to keep the kids corralled for the present opening!

Checking out all the bouncy vehicles.

Ethan following Aiden into the helicopter.

Pressing buttons in the firetruck.

Once he discovered the firetruck he didn't want to leave it.

Loving the slide!

Aiden and Gracie in the firetruck.

Gracie driving the firetruck.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 2010 Update

Ok, I know I am WAY behind on updates and my main excuse is that I ran out of disk space on my computer because I had saved about 1 million pictures of you know who over the past 2 years. I had to start backing them up onto disk and getting them off my hard drive before I could upload anymore from my camera. Well, problem solved and we're back in business. Now what have you missed over the last few weeks??? As Aiden would say, "Let's see..."

We had a bit of a blizzard-- ok, a few inches of snow. Aiden enjoyed getting out in the backyard with Daddy and Boss and building a snowman before the little boys next door started a snowball fight with Andy over the fence. Of course Aiden thought that was hysterical and threw a couple of snowballs too. I thought the snow was pretty, but was very grateful when it was all gone a few days later. I was especially grateful that we were able to go to Athens that weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday and go out to eat with her and her husband (after Andy and I had a pre-Valentines date to see the Dawgs win in basketball.)

The 16th we celebrated Papaw's (Andy's Dad) 70th birthday with a family party at Chrissy and David's house. Aiden and I went early to help set-up which basically meant I tried to keep Aiden, Drew and Gracie out of Memaw and Chrissy's way while they got everything finished and looking good. Most of the family was able to be there which translates into 10 children ages 1-5 (and yes, there were a few missing). A great time was had by all.

Last weekend Dad and Andy went to the Georgia basketball game so Mom and I took Aiden to ride the train at St. Mountain. Note to self, check the website to make sure the train is running next time. On a side note, I grew up about 10-15 minutes from St. Mountain and went there frequently in high school and college, but had not been there since the state sold it. I was very disappointed to see it so commercialized and looking more like Six Flags than like the St. Mountain I remember. But I digress... after a fifteen minute search Mom, Aiden and I finally found where you would normally go to buy the tickets and get on the train. (Yes, we knew where it was supposed to be from all our years going there-- we just couldn't figure out how to get there with all the new crap in the way.) Our first clue that the train would not be running that day was the temporary fence going across the track. There was a train sitting over on the side so we took Aiden over there to see it up close. He enjoyed playing on it, but he also enjoyed standing behind a boulder and throwing rocks. Thankfully at 26 months old he is not hard to please and if our plans get changed he is able to go with the flow. After Aiden threw all the rocks we could gather we took him to the playground. He wasn't very interested in the 2-5 year old area, but once he discovered the 5-12 year old playground we couldn't keep him off the slides and equipment. He even managed to go almost over the edge of a twisty slide. Thank goodness there were 2 of us and we could switch off with one on the ground and one up on the play area with him (and thank goodness we're both short and could fit!) so we could catch before he landed on his head. Enjoy the pictures!

Directing Daddy on snowman construction.

As far as Daddy got on the snowman before he was distracted by the snowball fight.

Aiden's snowball.

Riding Drew's four wheeler.

Aiden took this one of Gracie.

Memaw and Papaw

Aiden loves Tela and likes to be near her at parties.

Sweet little Abigail took to Andy for some reason.

Papaw making a speech.

The little vultures waiting on the cake and ice cream.

Aiden had to clap for the singing.

Getting ready to throw another rock.

Playing on the caboose.

Driving the train.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Aiden's New Room

Last Monday Mom and Dad worked on rearranging Aiden's room and setting up his "big boy" bed. Andy and I had just about worn the springs completely out on his toddler bed (aka crib) climbing in and out and it has been so wonderful to just be able to lie down in a regular bed with him. He of course thinks he is hot stuff too! They found an old twin bed in the attic that they sanded and repainted black and hooked it up today to complete the look.

Daddy also made us a custom bookcase for the living room to house all (some) of Aiden's toys and books. I need to get some better close-up shots of the molding because it looks awesome! Daddy built it and Mom painted it. They make a great team and just can't resist a project! Thanks for all your hard work Mom and Dad!

The boy loves to read!

New pillow case

Its just a twin mattress on MDF board on a bed frame....

nice and low to the ground!

Everything nice and neat (and its still that way tonight!)

How perfect does that look?!?
(I'll have to check and see if Daddy is taking orders!)